The ASOMBRO V.3.0 Award Night

Author:Sasanka Dharmasena

02 Aug 2023

Category : Events

The ASOMBRO V.3.0 Award Night, a highly anticipated event in the Sri Lankan youth community, was held on 1st October 2022 at the prestigious Colombo Janaki Hotel. The evening served as a platform to express sincere appreciation for the outstanding service rendered by the dedicated individuals of the 2021 YAN Management, Resource Pool Members, and District Directors. Their unwavering commitment and tireless efforts have significantly contributed to the growth and success of YAN Sri Lanka, fostering positive change among the youth.

The gala event also took the opportunity to recognize and honor all those who had collaborated and worked diligently with the YAN Sri Lanka youth network throughout the eventful year of 2021. From passionate volunteers to valuable partners and supporters, each person played an integral role in furthering the organization's vision and impact on the youth community. The awards presented were a symbol of gratitude, acknowledging their significant contributions and inspiring them to continue their meaningful work.