In union there is strength.

#Action4SRHR Initiatives

Yan Sri Lanka works to promote sexual and reproductive health among Sri Lankan youth.

TOT Programme on Sexual and Reproductive Health

YAN Sri Lanka partner up with YPEER Asia Pacific Centre and started a collaborative project to enhan

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Emerging Youth and Gender

On the 16th of October 2021, we have a relevant debate on teenage differences and gender through Zoo

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Good and Bad Relationships

As young people, you must know how to sustain positive relationships in all three areas: socially, p

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Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights and How can young people use the Internet safely?

A total of 85 young individuals enrolled in the program. As resource individuals for this event, Dr.

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Workshop addressing challenges related to SRHR among youth with disabilities.

YAN Sri Lanka conducted a special interactive workshop addressing challenges related to SRHR among y

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