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Author:Vishva Madhumal

28 Nov 2020

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Objectives -

YAN Radio program which held on 09th ,10th and 11th of June 2020 to commemorate the 1st anniversary of YAN Sri Lanka and to identify local young talent and facilitate an opportunity to showcase to the public at large, whilst spreading the word about YAN Sri Lanka media unit.


YAN Sri lanka which celebrates its first anniversary was able to reach out and speak to the hearts of the Sri Lankan youth becoming one of the most prominent and active youth communities in the country.

YAN Sri Lanka is a voluntary youth network which is a subsidiary of ADIC Sri Lanka, the pioneer in tobacco, alcohol and drug prevention established in 1987. YAN network which work for the wellbeing of physical, mental and social life of the local youth comprises a member network of 3000 from each district working on voluntary basis representing Sinhalese, Tamil and Muslims, and the network further expands to more than 6000 via social media platforms.

As a responsible youth network in Sri Lanka a web based radio broadcast was initiated to proudly celebrate the first anniversary.

10 members from YAN youth network participated on this behalf for announcing and administrative purposes. Nearly 10 upcoming stars involved with us which included Kanika Edirimanne, Erandi Madhushika and Tashni Perera.


_Methodology_ ..


Fulfilling the human resource requirement for announcing, sound engineering and technical matters within the YAN youth network whilst being praised by the help of the society, YAN radio was successfully webcasted across the country via YouTube and Facebook on 9th 10th and 11th of June. The trilingual webcast comprised discussions with artist, drug prevention programs, YAN youth network awareness programs, live musical programs, and drug prevention promotional recordings in between programs.

_Outcomes_ ..


The participation of upcoming child actors and actresses, singers and dancers enabled to create a good first impression on them about the YAN network, and the word of mouth within such a group became a massive benefit for our future endeavors.

New recruitments made for the YAN Hipsters group.

Having an audience of more than a thousand listeners across three days increased the gain of publicity about YAN youth network an YAN Facebook page.

Being able to reach out for the talented members within our network, this facilitated to showcase the and develop their talents.


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