Election Campaign

Author:Sasanka Dharmasena

12 Jan 2121

Category : Campaign

The YAN Youth Network launched a number of programs with the aim of producing the right political leaders for the country in the run-up to the 2020 General Elections, under the theme "I am not voting for the corrupt politicians. This is the beginning of change." It was believed that a non-corrupt parliament could be built only if the corrupt politicians were not given votes. The campaign was implemented in several ways.

1. Facebook profile picture frame

Here, a photo frame was created with the theme "I am not voting for the corrupt politicians. This is the beginning of change."

2. Cover photo

A cover photo with the above theme was created.

3. Video series – “My first vote would not be given for the corrupt politicians”

Young people, who voted for first time, posted short videos on social media about what kind of politicians they desired to send to the parliament from their votes.

4. Posters

A poster was displayed in front of the house stating which qualities the voter and his/her family consider when voting.

5. Score sheet

This was the main campaign of the YAN network. A pamphlet was designed with selected criteria reading good governs, drug prevention, democracy, children and women rights.  The pamphlet consisted of two main parts. In the first part, public opinion was asked on whether a person who fulfills the given seven criteria would be considered appropriate to be in the Parliament. In the second part people were given the opportunity to decide whether it was appropriate to send the relevant persons to the Parliament. They were able to come to a decision according to the marks that ranged from 0 to 5 offered under the above five criteria to the three politicians they hoped to cast their votes.

6. Lobbing the candidates of Members of Parliament

We lobbied candidates for the general election and signed a policy statement on drug prevention, promising to call for drug prevention after winning the election.