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Recent Actions

Training Programme

Training Programme on Gender Orientation

"How to make a positive change in the habits and attitudes that are tied to gender orientation"

Awareness Programmes

Drug Prevention Programme Conducted for Youth Corp

The Drug Prevention Program conducted at Lunugamvehera National Youth Corps with 40 youth at the invitation of the Officer in Charge.


First Board of Directors Meeting for 2021

The first District Board of Directors meeting for the year 2021 was held virtually last week. 


Youth Camp -Trincomalee

Trincomalee District Member Group organized a youth camp to develop the camaraderie and leadership skills of the youth in their district.


Leadership Camp - Belihul Oya

YAN Kalutara District Board of Directors and members successfully conducted a two day Leadership and Skills Development Youth Camp


Election Campaign

The YAN Youth Network launched a number of programs with the aim of producing the right political leaders for the country in the run-up to the 2020 General Elections, under the theme "I am not voting for the corrupt politicians.